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6th Jan 2014 updated

Anda International Holdings Pty Ltd (“Anda International Holdings” in abbreviation hereinafter) was founded in 2006. In 8 years, it has gone through three stages-first as a trading companies, followed by business diversification, then on to a conglomerate. In 2013, its revenue was around 100 million yuan (US$17 million), total asset was 18.2 million yuan (US$3 million).

Anda International Holdings has cultivated several industry leaders and in the process, has developed many business leaders, not to mention a large quantity of outstanding, talented personnel. With its deep understanding of enterprise management and mechanism, Anda International Holdings has been able to design its own corporate governance structure, where much emphasis is given to the “people” factor, providing broad career development platforms for all employees, and inspiring enterprise vitality. At the same time, by making full use of its expertise and knowledge, accumulated over many years of industrial and investment operations, its unique corporate culture, and brand reputation, Anda International Holdings is dedicated to creating more outstanding enterprises in its efforts to serve the nation and society through developing successful industries and businesses.